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 What is Salvia Divinorum?

Salvia Divinorum is a member of the sage family and is native to Oaxaca Mexico. Salvia Divinorum is harvested in the high mountains of Oaxaca by the native people (Mazatec Indians) then dried, cured & blessed. The Mazatec use it as part of spiritual ceremonies and traditional healing; it has become a powerful tool for soul searching and exploration of consciousness. Mazatec Golden (the best and selected parts of regular Salvia leaves) is organically grown then hand picked by the Mazatec Indians, it is carefully placed in the shade to dry over a long period of time, this preserves and cures the leaves. Salvia 10X Organic Extract is 10 times the strength of Mazatec Golden, on average it takes 10g of leaf to produce 1g 10X Extract. The Mazatec Indians successfully used it to induce out of body experiences, lucid dreaming, divine encounters, and for the exploration of physical and non-physical planes. Salvia Divinorum contains Salvinorin A, identified as the most powerful natural psychotropic compound that has been traditionally used by Mazatec healers in healing and visionary ceremonies.

 Where can I find more information about Salvia Divinorum?

If you are new to Salvia, we strongly encourage you to visit: Erowid’s Salvia Divinorum information database.

 As a first time buyer what should I buy?

We generally recommend to all first timers to start with a concentration of 5X to see your tolerance. However, many customers prefer to order stronger potencies and use less. Higher potencies are not only more cost effective, but also allow customers to enjoy the full potential of the product.

 How long can I store my Salvia Divinorum incense for without it losing potency?

Probably for ages. The active principal, Salvinorin A, is quite stable and can be stored at room-temperature. For long term use, we recommend storing it in a dark location, such as a drawer or cupboard, so that it is not exposed to the potentially harmful effects of UV light.

 What is the difference between non-flavored and flavored salvia extracts?

Non-flavored salvia is crude and often unpleasant to many of users, so due to this reason we don’t recommend it. MysteriousPlants.com is the only source on the net that offers free flavoring options in wide variety.


 I have never tried legal highs before; what can I expect?

In short you can expect a fantastic high which is completely legal. Our products are legal alternatives to those which are classed as illegal drugs. Every single one of them tested by our self (it is a tough work, believe us) and only the selected best ones are available in the webshop. We do not keep non-sense products. Read our reviews and test results and you will also see what people genuinely think of our products. We have been contacted by many people who were skeptical of legal highs and since then they are returning customers and forgot about illegal versions.

 Will my drug test be positive after these products?

NO! None of these products contain any illegal substance that drug tests would look for, we know this from experience :) So, the drug test will be negative... Happy days :)

 Are legal highs, Salvia and smoking mixes safe to take?

As long as these products are enjoyed responsibly and in moderation there is no harm just as with alcohol or cigarette. Always follow the recommended dosage specified on the packet.

 Do products sold by Myteriousplants.com really work?

Definitely they do. That’s why we have our unique Money Back Guarantee service. You will also notice the reviews on our website which are all from genuine customers telling us what they think of the products we sell. And the most important thing that you have to keep in mind, this is our reason to being in the market, all of our products are:


 How long will the effects last?

Depending on the amount and the product, anything from 1-10 hours. Also can be seen in our test results.

 Are the products anything like the real thing?

These products are designed to give effects that are as close as possible to their illegal counterparts; however our products are also better in many ways. They contain healthier natural ingredients. Each product contains a qualified dose. You can’t get nicked with these in your pocket. Some of our customers are now claiming that certain products are as good as the real thing, some says it is even better.


 Do you ship internationally? Do you ship to the US and to Turkey

Yes, we do ship worldwide! And it is FREE with every order!

 Do you ship to Russia?

Yes, we actually do, but Russia is a tricky location. Please note that since the changes in law at the customs in Russia, if you will not receive the package that you ordered we are unable to send you another one and  we can't refund you the money. In Russia they are absolutely denying the communication with anyone else, so if they play this game on their way then we need to make our own rules too. The best  thing is if you don't order from Russia, or if the package gets lost (you won't even know if it got lost  or seized because they don't tell you anything) we are unable to do anything.

 No sign of my order yet! I live in Sweden.

Please note that Swedish Goverment has made some pretty undemocratic changes in the law as of 1st April 2011. making the Swedish custom able to literally thieving legally anything they think looking suspicious whatsoever, thus packages we send can get there longer than 2-3 days like before, they can now take even 18 working days or not get there at all. Please note also that we personally think they should not do such pointless move within the EU, and according to our terms of use agreement we cannot refund or resend such packages sent to Sweden, as it is not our fault, our job is completed by making sure the package is despatched properly to the destination country, the rest is the job of the postal services. Sorry! If you are not comfortable with this current situation in Sweden then please consider not to order from us to Sweden. However, around 80% of the packages get there successfully as we have several tricky and smart techniques on the subject and these are also changing all the time :) Trying our best for you guys because honestly this new rule in Sweden sucks! We feel for you and here for you.

 How is my order shipped?

The product is carefully packed in a grip sealed plastic bag or in glass vial to ensure safe storage, or it comes in its own genuine package provided by the manufacturer. All orders are discretely packed in bubble envelopes (Jiffy envelop) with no company logo or references to our company or website.

 How long does it take for you to ship my order?

Your order will be dispatched on the same day if payments are settled and if placed before 11 am (GMT+1 Europe time). If you place an order on Saturday or Sunday your order will be dispatched on Monday. If there is an unforeseeable delay we will promptly notify you.

 How long will my order take to arrive?

Country Standard Post** Registered/Express Post** Urgent Registered***
Europe 2-4 working days* 2-4 working days* 1-3 working days
United States 3-6 working days* 3-6 working days* 2-5 working days
Rest of the World 4-8 working days* 4-8 working days* 3-6 working days

*Please note that we cannot control the shipping time after package has been dispatched. If you do not receive your pack within 15 working days, please do contact us. Within the timeframe, there is not much we can do, as all the post offices will consider it to be lost, if it is not delivered within 15 working days. The first day is the date of dispatch and not the date of order.

**We use Standard Shipping Method if your order is below 50 Euro (upgrade is available). Anything more than that, we will ship with Registered or Urgent International Mail.

 Do you ship to PO Box?

Yes, we do. However, please note that if something happens to the package on the way we are unable to take any responsibility for it in the case of PO Box orders. It is your task to find the order if it will not arrive. The local Postal services used to be a great help in this case.

 Where and how can I track my order if I have received the tracking number from you?

You can track the order at your local Postal Service provider's website, or if it does not work there then just simply call them and ask them about the status and location of your package by giving them the tracking number. They are always able to tell you its location as the package is registered in the electronic international database.
You can also track your order at some of the biggest online tracking service providers such as http://www.track-trace.com.
Please note that according to the terms of use of the postal services, we need to allow 15 working days for the packages to arrive before we could do anything about it. After this timeframe we are able to open an official dispute and investigation at the post to find out what happened. Once we dispatch the goods it is the shipping service provider's responsibility to complete the service thus delivering the package to you, we have no control over it unfortunately.

 Do you offer Next Day courier or very fast courier service?

Yes, we offer the UPS Express Saver shipping method which is normally a next day delivery service to most locations. To choose the UPS shipping method, please select this option at the checkout and if you would like to upgrade to a different service of UPS let us know in the comment section of the order.

 How can I upgrade my standard shipping method to registered or express?

If you order for less than 50 Euro, we will ship with Standard post only. You may wish to upgrade the shipping method, please contact us – email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or just click on MeeBo and if we are online, will answer your questions in a minute. Alternatively you can fill out the form with the subject on our contact us page or write your comment regarding to registered shipping in the comment section during the checkout. There is no tracking available for Standard Post.


 Credit Card via BitGold! Here is how to do it!

You can find Goldmoney’s own Support Page with all the existing help at this link: Goldmoney Support

BitGold makes it possible to purchase orders at our webshop with your credit card and within minutes. This new payment service provider is taking a whole new approach to the online payment making process, by using the modern technology of internet payments and applying it to the oldest and most stable medium and storage of value, gold. In the system of BitGold the account holder can purchase gold with Credit Card, bank wire transfer, China UnionPay, INTERAC or Bitcoin by a deposit. The purchased gold is stored at the choosen Brink’s Vault and the sole property of the account holder with 100% insurance coverage on it. Once the gold is credited to the account holder, it could be transferred to any other BitGold user for free and within minutes. It also could be redeemed back to your bank account, credit card, INTERAC, or SEPA at within 1% of official gold price or have the actual gold shipped to you via courier. With your BitGold account you are able to own, transfer and use gold online in the most convenient way. No matter where you are from, how bad the economic situation of your country is, gold will be the most stable and best form of value as it already have been in the last 6000 years.

These videos from the tutorial archive of BitGold will help you to manage the process from the very beginning to the actual transfer making.

In this video, you can see the very easy and fast steps of registering and getting and operational BitGold account.


How To Video: Creating a BitGold Account


This below video will show you how to deposit an amount from your credit card and purchase gold for your BitGold account. Actually all 6 type of deposits could be seen in the 2nd page of the deposit process and further tutorials on this and for each type of deposit could be found at the video archive of BitGold, here is the link for that.


How To Video: Depositing Gold Via Credit Card


In this final video you can see how easy it is to make a gold transaction to any other BitGold account for free and within minutes.
*** VERY IMPORTANT *** For the name of the receiver, please do not use the name of the site! You can use anything, just please do not disclose the name of the site. The exact details will be sent to you after the order is placed and this payment method is selected for the order.


How To Video: Send Payments to Contacts


If you would have any further questions about the process and BitGold, please see our article on this subject or contact us via e-mail or via the Contact Us page. :)

 Can you send packages to an address that is different to my card billing address?

This option is not available if you use the Credit Card method due to their seller protection policy. However, you may contact us with the reason and use any of the other payment options. You can choose different shipping address if you choose any of the other available payment methods (for instance Bank transfer).

 What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept and offer several payment options such as Bank Wire Transfer, COD (Cash On Delivery), cryptocurrencies (BTC, LTC, XMR, ETH, XRP) and credit card payments are not possible for now, but will be very shortly. For more details on this option just follow the instructions after you have selected this method by clicking on the "Payment Instructions" link in the purchase order.

 Is your site secure for shopping?

Mysteriousplants.com strives to ensure a safe and enjoyable shopping experience for all its customers. All personal information is kept strictly confidential and secure, never being sold or leased to any third parties. Our payment gateway is equipped and approved with the finest encryption protocol, and all payments are 256bit encrypted whilst communicating with the bank. GlobalSign SSL secured system is also providing you the fastest and safest payment system through our webshop.

 What will appear on my Credit Card statement?

We currently cannot accept credit and debit card payments directly, only through the service of third party payment processors. Yet this option should be available again shortly in the future.

 Do you offer gift vouchers?

Yes, we do. For further details please contact us.

 Do you have coupons and giveaways?

Yes, we send %, Euro off coupons or free samples with all the orders. These can be redeemed on your next order at the checkout. Coupon code will be needed.

 What is BitCoin and how to pay with it?

If you are new to the concept of BitCoin, we recommend you to read a bit on the subject, for that reason a good start Google or Wikipedia. Simply type in BitCoin in the search engine and you will be thrilled with info as the BitCoin internet currency is taking the world by storm, especially now that they even started to establish ATM BitCoin-Cash machines in many countries like Canada, USA, UK, Cyprus and Germany.

Basically the system of the BitCoin service providers are very similar to Payza, PayPal or Skrill. We recommend the use of Bitstamp as they are one of the biggest EU service providers, their system is clear, easy to use and userfriendly, also they have a very good customer service. Yet you can use the service of any other service providers until their service contains a BitCoin „wallett” option as that is what you need. So all you need to do in order to make your payment in BTC (BitCoin) currency is to open an account with them, transfer funds to the account via a direct bank wire transfer, then purchase BitCoins in your account. Then you have BTC in your account ready to be transfered or changed back to a fiat currency. After this you can make a transfer to our BitCoin address. This address will be given to you via e-mail, also the payable amount could be calculated at www.xe.com Please note that the payable amount need to be calculated just before the transfer. We will integrate a EUR/BTC converter to our site soon, so you will be able to calculate the payable amount at our web shop instantly during the checkout.

Also, if you are using this method, you need to send us an e-mail notification right after you made the transfer with the exact date and time of the transfer and the amount of BTC sent. This is a very important step which helps us identify the transfers, very simply because BitCoin is a decentralized, anonym, safe, fast, untraceable, non-central bank depending internet currency, cannot be inflated and NSA proof. Basically very similar to cash.


 How are herbal highs and legal highs legal?

Our products are legal to possess in most countries. It is down to customers to check their local laws in case a particular ingredient is not legal to possess. We can't know all the international laws, so if required please ask a local solicitor.

 What FREE testers are available?

If your order total is over 70EUR you can ask for free tester. Please note that the available testers are only the ones that you can select from the drop down menu in the webshop from the Tester subcategory page. Nothing else is available.

 I had to pay 7.50EUR/8.50EUR extra for my COD order in Germany/Greece. Why?

Please note that the Deutsche Post and the post in Greece is the only service providers who charge an extra 7.50EUR/8.50EUR on top of the COD orders handling fee. They actually didn't give us any reason why, so be prepared that the postman will ask for 7.50EUR in Germany and 8.50EUR in Greece more than what our system showed you as total payment if you live in these countries. We do apologize for this poor and we think not fair service that they provide.

 I have not received the free tester with my order, why?

Please note that since 1st May 2010 the free samples are not available with the orders anymore. NO FREE Testers with your first 3 orders. If your order is however above 70EUR, you can ask us in the comment section to send you something nice :) Please keep in mind that only those products are available for free testing, which could be found in the Tester subcategories.

 Do you do wholesale?

Yes, we do. Please email us for more details at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

 What is your policy on your Money Back Guarantee?

Unlike other online retailers we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee within 30 days, if you are not completely satisfied with your order. We will refund 100% of the cost of the product minus shipping and handling fees. Every return needs to be approved by us.
*Important: In order to be eligible for money back guarantee, certain conditions and restrictions apply. Mysteriousplants.com and its associates hold the right to deny returns if less than 100% of the product is returned or if the order is not sent back in its original packaging, in an acceptable resalable condition. Customers are responsible for all shipping and handling fees involved in the return. Shipping and handling fees are non-refundable.

 My questions still is not answered, what now?

If this FAQ has not answered your question, please click here to submit your question or you can use meebo on the home page and chat with us in real time and you can find us on Facebook as well.