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If someone is not familiar with the meaning of the acronym KISS, then here is something new for you: Keep It Stupid Simple. Don’t take it personally we didn’t mean to be rude. This is just one of the reasons why this team behind this unique store joined together and agreed to dedicate their time, energy and creativity to fill out this gap in the market.

We try to keep this website and the shopping procedure part as simple as we can, so you can expect a smooth, user friendly and mystic surface here. We also do our best to offer you something extra all the time with every order so you know you can rely on this e-shop every occasion you come back.

We have been at the forefront of every debate on legality and prohibition of substances i.e cannabis, magic mushrooms party pills etc and we are always preparing for the next outbreak of media led hysteria and the bandwagon jumping of certain self serving crusaders and politicians.

Why are we so active in the fight against prohibition? Because it does not work, the war on drugs is lost and it is time to reconsider the fight because far too many people lives are being ruined by either drug related crime or imprisonment for simple lifestyle choices.

Our products are legal we pay taxes on their sale we are not part of some illegal underground criminal network that kills for profit. We firmly believe that head shops will become a major part of changing peoples attitude towards prohibition and with a lot of persuasion a lot of work and a couple of politicians with a little imagination head shops will one day help change legislation for the better.

Our message and mission is very simple. When we were in the position to choose some really working stuff for the weekends or for the party needs to enjoy the life a bit, it was pretty tough. Messy websites, untruthful merchandisers, high prices and loads of stuff that we have ordered, tried and didn’t even work. Can you imagine the party that you have been waiting for weeks or even months, you spend a lot of money for the entertainment and it turns out the materials that suppose to make it fun don’t work? Nightmare, we know!

Mother Nature is kinder than that. Now, the good news is you arrived to the turning point in your life. We’ve got exactly what you need. Our mission here at MysteriousPlants.com is to bring you the best and working products that are 100% legal, 100% natural and we have tested and approved, so you won’t have disappointed friends anymore. You will be the Star, the Top Man in the neighborhood.


What we can guarantee you is we only choose and sell the best Organic and Natural products that we already spent money on trying so you don’t need to. For this reason we can offer our Money Back Guarantee if the product didn’t work. We think this proves how committed we are to your successful party needs and also to bring out the best from Mother Nature and from these otherworldly products.

After all just don’t forget: MysteriousPlants.com

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