Hello Guys,

We are going to have an emergency maintenance from the 23rd of November until the 30th of November. In other words, effective immediately.

First of all, apologies for the short notice on this. We have been planning some updates and system maintenance for some time, but frankly there are just too many tasks and issues on our Team right now, so we have decided to move the date of the maintenance from shortly - to immediate. The goal is to leave us some room to improve things, implement new settings, work on the designs and put more and serious effort into making things better for both you guys and for us. 

And second of all, DO NOT PANIC! This is just a maintenance, we are preparing for the Christmas Special and trying to upgrade things so you could have a better shopping experience, with the added extra of less work load on our Team with the daily processes.

So what does this all mean for you Guys?

- The site will be semi-offline, so it will not be possible to place orders within this time period. 
- Orders paid and processed already are being shipped on the 23rd as usual. 
- Payments received by 10 UTC on the 23rd are being processed and the orders will be shipped on the 24th as usual.
- All remaining orders and payments will be processed starting from the 30th.
- In case of any ordered item being out of stock we are sending the closest next best alternative with extra added for the inconvenience. 
- Email communication will be suspended from the 23rd until the 30th. DO NOT WORRY, we will attend all messages and inquiries received starting on the 30th. There is no need to send the message again, and please do not expect a reply before the 30th. 
- The shipping and business will resume as usual from the 30th.

We very much hope for your understanding on the matter - and again - apologies for the extremely short notice. 

The new Christmas Promotion will start by the 1st of December and you will have time to get your orders in by the holidays. 

As reminder - please keep in mind that the 6th and 8th of December are public holidays, we won't be able to ship orders on these dates. 
Also we will be having an extended vacation/holiday this year. We must yet again ask for your understanding on why our holiday is being extended - this year 2021 was utterly hard on us all, we skipped the Summer vacation and our Team needs that well deserved rest of an extended holiday. 
This means that we will be closed from the 18th of December until the 14th of January. But more on this with the Christmas Special...

So thank you for both your patience and understanding on this matter, we are doing this to make both your and our life and work easier.

STAY TUNED & STAY COOL people and remember to always shop responsibly!

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